Elsa's Tale

An original fairy-tale, written in the spirit of Alice's Adventures Underground and the Brothers Grimm's fairy-tales. All the illustrations are in water-colour.
Elsa, a young recluse, has one question she'd like answered. One day, Elsa wanders in to the forest and gets invited into the spirit world by a wood-sprite, who promises that the answer Elsa is looking for may be found there. After she enters the spirit world through a hollow tree, Elsa embarks on a quest to find the Blue Fairy. Along her journey, Elsa meets all sorts of odd characters: a dreamy Giantess in exile, a young love-scorned Magician, a shaman squirrel, a duty-bound princess, the deceptive Twin Dolls, a kind water-spout gargoyle, a run-away queen, a mysterious Cat Lady, and many more.

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