I still don't know why Japan, of all places, is the one country that has persistently beckoned me to it through some very mysterious and irresistible power; and each time I did go to Japan, I could sense that I held a parallel existence there. I felt that the first time I went, oddly enough. I went by myself, and stayed for 5 weeks. I returned to Montreal feeling compelled to merge with that 'parallel self' of mine, ambling around somewhere in Tokyo. So, in March of 2005, my husband, Leon Lo, and I signed up for a Working Holiday Visa and moved to Tokyo, where we lived and worked as ESL teachers for one year. I took over 500 photographs, on celluloid and digitally. During our stay, I held a solo-exhibition of a dozen photographs taken in Japan. The exhibit was held twice, first at Fall Gallery in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo. The second show was held at Chu-Chu café in Kyoto. The exhibition series was entitled "The Dream".

In Christmas of 2009, we returned for a 3-week visit, making it our most recent.

Here are some of my favourite photographs I took during these various trips.

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