Serene Kimono

Kimono kitsuke is the method of donning a traditional Japanese kimono ensemble. Many people are unfamiliar with the fact that putting on a kimono is nothing like putting on a bathrobe; there are multiple layers, everything is fastened through a combination of very precise folding techniques, the folds kept in place with cloth belts. A kimono does not have a single button or snap or zipper, simply fold and tie, fold and tie.
I have been fascinated with kimono culture since long before moving to live in Japan for one year, and once I learned how to properly dress myself in a full outfit, I became very interested in the idea of wearing kimono as everyday clothing, particularly if worn in a North-American city such as Montreal. So I began wearing my kimono outfits to special events such as weddings, art openings, theater shows, new year parties, public parks, dinner at a friend's, etc...

For information about my kitsuke classes, please contact me via email at to book an appointment.

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