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Learning from Chiron ink-pen, 2016

High Magic water-colour, 2016

apples and hats sketches  

solar eclipse 1900 water-colour and pencil, 2016


Listening to the daffodils  

Lotus Sprite  

Sunflower wreath  


Ode to Zoe and Kiki  

October Lanterns  

Have no fear  

Little gardener  

Cardinal and winter faery  


summer cameo  

the Faery Queen  

poppy fairy  


orange-tip fairy  

hedgehog teita  

winter moth fairy  

Butterfly Academy  

"what an odious man..."  

madame Zoe  

kuroneko no tango  

fairy in black  

sea-side views  

Midsummer's night  

Fall letter  

Kimono Hime  

hanami valentine  


chinese lantern pixie  

Valentine Snow  


Valentine Letter  

imaginary feather  

Pink Ray Dancer  

year of the Tiger  

Rooster Rider, Year of the Rooster greeting card

Leap Frog  


Miss ZoĆ«  

The Lotus Princess & Friend  

Black & White  

Winetr Walk  

Pine Fairy  

Ste-Sophia, New Year card for 2009

Dendelion Drifter, silk-screen

Flying House, silk-screen

Bus Stop  

Monkey King's Escape  

Marc in China  

Moneky King's Escape II