Atelier Punkt Exhibit: Moving Around

Montreal, August 2009. Mélinda Pap invited various artists and designers for a weekend of on-the-spot creation at her gallery Atelier Punkt, using a diverse range of found materials which she provided. The only rule was to finish the creations at Punkt. None of the participants had any idea of what sort of materials awaited them. Atelier Punkt would then host a show of the finished creations from the 12th to the 30th of August. I was among the artists invited. Among the selection of materials, I found a pile of old, yellowed music-sheets, a bobbin of navy lace, three rolls of pearly-pink satin ribbon and a box of old-fashioned buttons. What you see is what I came up with in less than five intensive hours at Punkt.
The High Priestess drawing is a significant image for me; she appeared in my mind during an energetic-healing session many months before. It was thanks to this image that the whole ensemble emerged.
Many thanks to Mélinda Pap for inviting me to participate in this wonderful experiment!

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