Serene El-Haj-Daoud
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*Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Film-Animation, Concordia University, Montréal/ QC.

* TESOL certificate with specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language to Children.

Completed professional animated films:

Director of A Chance Encounter in the Woods; a short animation produced independently with a Production for Film & Video grant from the Canada Council For the Arts. (Application was submitted for March1st, 2007)

Director of International Poetry Day; a short animation produced at the National Film Board and commissioned by Heritage Canada as a public service announcement for the International Art Days campaign. ‘…Poetry Day’ was televised on CBC and Radio-Canada on March 31, 2004.

Co-Director of From Far Away; a 6-minute short animation for children, co-directed with Shira Avni. Commissioned by and produced at the National Film Board as part of the Talespinners’ series.

Other professional experience in film-animation:

2002/03: Assistant-Animator for Penguins Behind Bars, an animation-film and TV-pilot by Janet Pearlman. Commissioned by and aired on Cartoon Network.

2002: Digital Colorist for the feature-film production Les Triplettes de Belleville.

2000/01:Assistant-Animator for the following NFB productions:

* Micronutrients, by J. Mason.
* The Magic of Anansi, by J. Mason.
* Lights For Gita, by Michel Vo.

Completed Non-professional films:

1.)Tokyo Fireworks, experimental video, 2006.

2.)The Ropeway, experimental video, 2006 .

3.)Circus Me Lovely, stop-motion animation, video, 2002. Screened at UQAM Dérapage Experimental Video Festival in Montreal, March 2002.

4.)Rien de tout, stop-motion animation, shot with an Amiga computer, video, 2001. Screened at Kino , a monthly film festival/ filmmaker collective held in Montreal, 2001.

5.)Found and Lost, experimental video, 2001. Screened at Kino, Montreal, 2001.

Screenings and Awards:

From Far Away won various awards at the following film-festivals:

* The Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival, May 24 2001.

* Festival Intrenacional de Cine para la Infancia y la Juventud. Mar del Plata, Argentina, November 1st 2001.

* Flicks International Children’s Film Festival, Saskatoon, March 23 2001.

* Alliance for Children and Television Award of Excellence, Toronto, June 2nd 2003.

A Chance Encounter in the Woods screened at:

*Femina International Short Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Brazil. 2009.

*The Shanghai World Expo, Canadian Pavillion, 2010.

Critical Reviews:
(For the film ‘From far Away’)

1) “Animators’ short is sweet” by Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette, 16/11/2002
2) “A tale of two cultures - and animators” by Michael Snider, Maclean’s magazine, 18/11/2002
3) “Amies de camps ennemis” by Rima Elkouri, La Presse, Montreal, 22/11/2002

Teaching Experience:

Tai-Chi Instructor, Beginner and Intermediate Levels, at the C.E.P.S.U.M., sports center for the University of Montreal. Duration: on-going.

(Teaching experiences in Japan between March 29th, 2005 to March 29th,2006)
Freelance ESL Teacher for Ladies English School, a Tokyo-based ESL private-lessons school for women only. Contact: Mr. Kosuke Chichii, Tokyo Good Service Inc., Duration: 9 months.

Freelance ESL Teacher for Dean & Morgan Language Academy, a Tokyo-based language-school for one-on-one English and French lessons. Contact: Dean Rogers, Dean & Morgan Language Academy, Duration: 9 months.

Volunteer work:

I worked as a volunteer at the following community-centers/groups in Montreal:

2002: Elle Corazone: A community center for women providing
support for local women-artists as well as information on women’s health and related issues.

2002/3: The Church of Craft: a non-profit, non-religious community group which promotes creative methods of recycling and ecological living by hosting free workshops teaching such techniques as sewing, knitting, bicycle-repair, soap-making, arts-&-crafts for making toys, holiday-gifts and accessories, etc…

Art Exhibitions:

* A Message from Past Yourself: Solo photography-exhibition at Rad’a gallery (841rue Gilford, Mtl.) July 9th to 11th , 2004.

* The Dream : Solo photography exhibition at Fall gallery, (3-18-10-#102, Nishiogi-Kita, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo,Japan. Email:
February 1st to February 19th, 2006.

* The Dream : Solo photography exhibition at Chu-Chu café and gallery (1F Miyagi bldng. , 60-11 Kubato-cho, Kita-Sirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.)

* The Art of Serene Daoud : Solo illustration exhibition at café La Lumière du Mile End, 214 Bernard O.,Montreal, Quebec.
April 4th to May 14th, 2013.

* Isis Returns: Solo illustration exhibition at Espace Pop, 5587 avenue du Parc, Montreal, Quebec. Featured a special musical performance by the Nommos Octet, performing "Serius-B", composed by Will Eizlini.
June 21st to 23rd, 2013.

*All Is Possible: Solo illustration exhibition at café La Lumière du Mile End, 214 Bernard O.,Montreal, Quebec.
November 7th to December 31st, 2013.

*Atom Heart:Solo illustration exhibition at Cd Atom Heart, 364 Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC.
December 8th 2013 to January 31st 2014.

Other Skills:

* Illustration
* Photography (Eleven years’ darkroom-experience using colour and black-&-white film.)
* Painting
* Creative-writing
* Japanese Calligraphy
* Kimono Kitsuke : the Art of Japanese Kimono
* Tai-Chi

Languages spoken and written:

* English.
* French.
* Arabic.