An intuitive portrait of Anna and Rosemary, commissioned by Mr. David Allen in Oklahoma, U.S.A. (water-colour and pencil, 9" x 12")

Mr. Allen sent me pictures of his two nieces and a brief description of their personalities. He described his nieces' penchant for creating and dressing up as super-heroines which they created themselves. In this case, the Phantom Hawk (Anna, the elder sister) and her side-kick, Princess Pink-Jay (Rosemary). I used my intuitive abilities to 'read' the two girls' energies and allowed a vision of them to come through by spending sometime studying their photos and doing some sketches.

After the painting was completed, I scanned it and sent the image to Mr. Allen. He was thrilled and purchased it at 350$.

In June 2017, Mr. Allen requested portraits of himself, his wife and his two young children. Using the same process described above, I painted four post-card sized portraits of each of the Allens.

I also made several commissions for friends, namely one for Miss Latulippe, who ordered a portrait of herself and her greatest friend Noushka, a Husky dog, who was at the time sick and dying.

I thoroughly enjoyed this new approach and hope to have many more opportunities like this one. I welcome any new solicitations for commissions. The prices are negotiable, my starting asking price is 150$ for a 4 "x 6"-sized piece.

I accept payments through Paypal, bank transfers (for those living in Canada only),certified checks or cash if picked up in person. please contact me by phone, via email or Facebook messenger.


 the Allen Family   intuitive portraiture, circa 2017 
 Mr. Allen's nieces   intuitive portraiture, circa 2014 
 Noushka and Maryse   intuitive portraiture, circa 2015 
 Maryse and Noushka II   intuitive portraiture, 2015 
 Woman in Tulip, for Ines radjenovic   intuitive portraiture, 2017 
 'Tulip girl',for Ines Radjenovic   intuitive portraiture, 2017