My name is Serene Daoud and I wear many hats: illustrator, painter, film-maker, photographer, writer, craft-artist, musician, martial artist, energy-healer, kimono kitsuke enthusiast. Drawing, however, remains my first language. I taught myself how to draw. I started drawing before I could read or write.

I was born in Saudi Arabia December 7th, 1975. My parents are Palestinian of origin but had grown up in Lebanon. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Riyadh, there I watched many Japanese TV animation-series dubbed in Arabic. Hayao Miyazaki's Future Boy Conan was a major influence on me in every sense. I watched the series over 5 times and told myself: " I want to draw like this, I want to tell stories like this. How do they make the drawings move?"

In 1988, my family immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where my second life began. I didn't find out that what I wanted to do with my life was called "animation" until my last year of high-school, all I knew was that I had to draw for a living. In university, I studied film-animation. I got my "big break" in the second year of my animation degree; I was invited by the National Film Board of Canada to co-direct a short animation based on a children's book.

This began a six-year period of working professionally in the animation world. When the work began to dry up and my frustration with the rat-race reached its limit, I applied for a Working Visa Holiday and moved to Japan with my ex-husband Leon, for one year (2005/06). Since then , I made an independent short- animation entitled "A Chance Encounter in The Woods", made at home and funded by a grant from the Canada Council of the Arts. It was featured as on among 40 other independent Canadian shorts played in the Canadian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. During that period, I wrote an illustrated children's fairy-tale entitled Elsa's Tale. I also wrote and developed 4 different stories for feature-length animation films. I am currently seeking a publisher for Elsa's Tale, as well as a producer for one and/or all four of my feature-length film ideas.

At the time being, I am a single mother as well as a full-time freelance artist. You can follow my work on Facebook by looking for my name, Serene Daoud, or my publishing house name, Flying House Press.