A solo art exhibition which was held on the Summer Solstice weekend of 2013 at Espace Pop (5587 ave. du Parc, Montreal, QC) in collaboration with Will Eizlini, a tremendously talented Montreal composer and musician. Will Eizlini composed and lead an eight-piece orchestra to perform "Serius B", an epic musical journey in part inspired by the artwork featured at the exhibition.

With --
Sarah Albu - soprano
Xarah Dion - voice, organ
Sarah Pagé - harp, voice
Sam Shalabi - guitar, oud
Eric Gingras - contrebasse
Dina Cindrić - voice, accordion
Jonas Leclerc - percussion
Will Eizlini - percussion, laptop

Sirius B is an homage to Stockhausen's Sirius (1975),
and composed on the occasion of Serene Daoud's Vernissage.

June 21st is the day that star system Sirius rises in the east shortly before dawn, ushering, the dog days of summer, the promise of fertility and beauty in ancient Egypt; the return of Isis to the sky after a long absence, bringing with her the annual flooding of the Nile.

Sirius-B is the orbiting companion white dwarf star known in the Dogon astrology as the tiny seed of digitalis that weighs a mountain. It orbits Sirius every 50 years, hence the proliferation of the numbers 5 and 10 in the structure of the piece, both in the use of pentatonic scales from Burma and India, and in the rhythms.

It's also the story of the 7 day journey of Sirius-B going nova as it casts off it's darkness and shines once again, as it does periodically.

As in Stockhausen's Sirius, There are extra-terrestrials from the star system with a message to humanity....

....that it's time to "tune in" and ....

Listen here